Applications for Thermazone® Infrared Heaters

  • Luxury Boxes at Baseball Stadium
  • Retail Foyers
  • Horse Barns
  • Commercial Shipping Hubs
  • Ostrich and Elephant Cages
  • Aircraft Hangar Heating
  • Open Air Coffee Bar
  • Football Stadium Concession Stands
  • Golf Range

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Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven

The Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven by BBC Industries, Inc. is the industry’s newest generation. Its patented electric infrared flat panel heaters are long lasting and maintenance free. The Series 7000 creates a superior unitized and protected load. Utilizing the efficiency of Black Body® infrared heaters, coupled with their chamber design, palletized loads are securely shrink-wrapped and ready for shipping or storage.

Digital Dryers

Infrared Ovens

Black Body® Processing and Curing Systems are available in over 50 standard oven configurations with optional conveyors, exhaust blowers, and vestibules. For unusual applications, custom designed ovens can be manufactured to meet your exact surface finishing requirements.

Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer

The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer from BBC Industries, Inc. is your answer to printing faster on your large format printer. It conveniently rolls up to your printer and gently dries the ink to a full cure. Its flexible design and uniform heat distribution gently full cures inks without any circulating air. The Digi-Dri™ is safe for all inks and substrates.

The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer includes an on/off switch, solid-state temperature control, a 10-foot cord with plug (except 220 V units), and casters.

Infrared Ovens

Shrink Packaging

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Features of Thermazone® Infrared Heaters

  • 95% Efficient
  • No Reflectors to Clean
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy to Install
  • Certified Long Life
  • Many Sizes and Strengths
  • UL Approved

Thermazone® Infrared Heaters

Low cost power and simple, inexpensive installation makeThermazone® Infrared Heaters by BBC Industries, Inc. the easy and economical solution to heating. Thermazone® Infrared Heaters are always on the job. There are no moving parts to break down or bulbs or reflectors to clean and replace. And because there are no combustion products discharged, no flames, or noxious gases produced, the UL approved Thermazone® Infrared Heaters provide safe, clean heat.