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  • Stainless Steel (316L) Flowpath Tubes
  • Non-Welded Constructon
  • UL®-Approved Heatng Elements
  • Cast-In Heatng Elements
  • (except CAST-X 500: replaceable cartridge heater)
  • Ability to Heat Liquids or Gases
  • Ability to Safely Heat Flammable Media (isolated in flowpath tube: never contacts heatng elements)

CAS provides meticulously-engineered, precisely-manufactured thermal components for mission-critical applications in technology-rich sectors.

Standard Products

Cast Aluminum Solutions offers several standard product lines, many of which are circulation heaters. Most CAS circulation heaters are functional across multiple applications, suitable for a range of industrial and commercial environments. All standard CAS offerings, including 200 mm and 300 mm semiconductor wafer platens, are semi-customizable (available in a selection of worldwide voltages, or with several terminal enclosure options, etc.).

CAST-X Circulaton Heaters

CAST-X Circulation Heaters:
Power ranging from .5 to 60 kW, with the ability to heat flammable liquids & gases, even under high operating pressures (aluminum heater body)

CAST-X High Temperature Heaters:
Featuring operating temperatures up to 600°C / 1112°F (bronze heater body)

PUR-X Circulation Heaters:
Equipped with removable & replaceable PFA high-purity flow-tubes

PUR-Therm Gas Delivery Heater:
High-purity heating of semiconductor chamber and process gases

Universal Solvent Heater:
Specially-designed to warm low-flashpoint solvents and caustic fluids

200 mm Standard Platen:
Aluminum heated platen designed to fit silicon wafer processing applications

300 mm Standard Platen:
Replacement heat platen sized to fit large-format semiconductor chambers

Creating Solutions from Concept to Reality

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