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UniVest® Insulation Jackets are removable/reusable insulation jackets that reduce energy costs by maintaining constant process temperatures. In addition, they also help lower the ambient temperature in your facility. This allows you to reduce your costs for both equipment operations and air conditioning. UniVest® Insulation Jackets are ideal in a variety of applications where heat conservation and process temperatures are concerns.

UniVest® Straps & Buckles are carefully spun using fiberglass yarn. The strength and flexibility of the nickel steel roller buckles allow for easy adjustment and an exact fit. Straps & Buckles are also resistant to most chemicals and can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F.

UniVest® Throw Blankets are unique, removable/reusable insulation covers that protect at temperatures up to 1500°F. The simplicity of the Throw Blanket is ideal for routine use. They are lightweight, modular and easy to maneuver. That makes the possibilities virtually limitless for draping or magnetizing Throw Blankets to an object or an application.  

UniTherm UniVest® Insulation Intro

UniVest® DroolShield® protects heater bands, wiring and insulation from the expensive and damaging effects of drool blowback. This eco-friendly, long-term solution for protecting your heater bands and blankets can withstand high temperatures up to 700°F.