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Watlow designs and manufactures industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and system assemblies -- all of the components of a thermal system. Designing and manufacturing the complete thermal system allows Watlow to recommend, develop and deliver the optimum thermal solution for our customers' equipment and process heat requirements.

Watlow® SELECT™

Introducing Watlow® SELECT™ for Popular Heater, Sensor and Controller Products

Now it is even easier to start with Watlow® for all your thermal needs. Watlow SELECT™ enables you to quickly identify, configure and receive your thermal products faster and easier than ever before. Watlow SELECT includes many of our most popular heater, controller and sensor products. Most ship in five days or less. With SELECT, you can search online, use tools such as drawings, user guides, white papers, etc. to guide your decision, configure products for an exact fit and quickly receive your order. 

With Watlow SELECT, the world of Watlow is now at your fingertips. Contact Watt Solutions for ordering or for assistance with your application.

Watlow® Introduces Batch Processing for its
​F4T Integrated Controller and D4T Data Logger

Watlow’s New WATCONNECT® Control Panels

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Cartridge / Insertion Heaters
Tubular Heaters
Flexible Heaters
Immersion Heaters
Circulation Heaters
Fluid Delivery Heaters
Air Heaters
High-Temperature Heaters
Specialty Heaters
Strip / Clamp-on Heaters
Band / Barrel Heaters
Nozzle Heaters
Radiant Heaters
Thermostats and Accessories


Resistance Temperature Sensors
Mineral Insulated Cable
Lab Services

​​    Easily Mange Data Records


Integrated Multi-Function Controllers
Temperature and Process Controllers
Limits and Scanners
Power Switching Devices
Operator Interfaces
Data Loggers
Control Panels

Batch Processing Feature

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Key Features:

  • Bar code scan input for fast and easy data entry

  • Foolproof processing via smart profile to part linkage

  • Data security through password and data log encrypted file options

  • Improve manufacturing robustness as controller screens ensure all necessary data is entered during processing

  • Helps ensure compliance with growing regulations and minimize warranty exposure
  • Improved quality control can eliminate part processing skips or walk around​

  • Produces formatted data record report for easy receipt or record management uses